April 19th we’re back in Baltimore with Charm City’s modest of mods, The Idle Gossip and teenage terrorist (and fellow Hidden Volume conspirator) Sick Thoughts! It’s a Garage Rock Showcase sponsored by our friends at Atomic Books. 


4/19: Baltimore, MD  Golden West w Idle Gossip + Sick Thoughts

5/17: Pittsburgh, PA  31st St. Pub w Whiskey Daredevils

5/20: Washington, DC  Comet Ping Pong w Jake Starr and The Delicious Fullness + The Woggles

6/13: Philadelphia, PA  Ortleb’s 


"It’s the gift that keeps on giving, Clark!"

The Stents wish you and yours a happy holiday AND because we’re such swell guys, here’s your bonus. This track was recorded at our very special “low volume” show in Fairfield, CT, October 12, 2013 at Las Vetas Lounge. The song is “Bird Doggin’” by the late, great Gene Vincent (Challenge single [US] 59337, 1966) and it rocks. Get it HERE


Happy Holidays!


Another year comes to a close and we Stents once again reflect back on the year for those who care to spend just a little more time with us. Amazingly we managed to squeeze out EVEN MORE live shows this year which had us playing everywhere from Connecticut to Georgia and all points in between. We also released our second smash single on Hidden Volume Records, “Limbs” b/w “Rodeo” as well as filming a super idiotic video to accompany it. Not content to contain ourselves to just one medium, we were also featured on a compilation CD in Issue #21 of The Continental (Bellingham, WA)–thee premier zine of surf music. And our very own Dr. Pat “P Bids” Brown was filmed (as well as a little bit of your favorite Balto garage band) for a documentary by none other than Ken Burns!

And man, 2013 had saw us play with SO MANY awesome bands: The Scovilles, The Improbables, The Idle Gossip, Pretty Monsters, The Torments, The Enthusiasts, The GTVs, The Whims, The Blessed Muthas, Theeeee Lexington Arrows, The Plurals, The Assless Chaps, World Inferno Friendship Society, Deniz Tek(!), The Woggles, Jake Starr & The Delicious Fullness, Full Blown Cherry, Lisa Doll & The Rock n’ Roll Romance, Blackwolf Beach, The Tritons, Mr. Unloved, John Paul Keith, Lunar Orbits, Quitty & The Don’ts, Party Lights, The Delusionaires, The Stymms, The Kings of the F**King Sea, The Whiskey Daredevils, The Mandroids, The Deckards, Dead Mechanical, Gunwife Gone, Voodoo Pharmacology, a ton of bands at Hampdenfest and finally The Zambonis because their name starts with Z and they rock.


(Awesome photo by Steve Brown)

We also would like to acknowledge every place kind enough to book us. Thanks 
for having us and bringing real music to the masses! And special thanks to Andy Turner of WMSE 91.7 (Zero Hour Radio ) Milwaukee, WI, WMLB-AM Fringe Factory Radio (Atlanta) and WTMD (Towson) for the radio support as well as Sean Berry of The Continental surf zine. More recognition to: One Chord Progression for all the kind words and a wacky Q&A, Benn Ray/Hampdenfest, Degenerate Press (Atlanta) and Flagpole (Athens, GA). Big kisses to Chris & Deirdre Sugiuchi for the Athens hospitality, Artie and Terran down in Atlanta (you CAN inflate an air mattress with a leaf blower), the brave photographers who shot live snaps of us, Carl Nielson for the amazing “Limbs” sleeve art, Tanner Almon for putting up with us and creating a smokin’ video and Nat Loehr for carrying our gear on that very cold video shoot. 


What Stent Year End Wrap Up would be complete without a mention of food. So for your gastronomical enjoyment, here’s Steve and Pat’s Top StentEats of 2013 in no particular order:

1. Palookaville, Atlanta, GA: Redefines comfort food; spawned the Nads 
“Fried Pickle” face.
2. Taqueria Del Sol, Athens, GA: Pat says “Gives El Salto Dos a run for its money.” Steve loved it but is horrified by Pat for even thinking that it holds a candle to El Salto.
3. Yum’s Asian Bistro, Baltimore, MD: Pre-Ottobar goodness with awesome 
kitschy art. 
4. Joe Squared, Baltimore, MD: Pizza so good you don’t mind not getting 
5. Las Vetas Lounge, Fairfield, CT: Best grilled cheese sandwich ever made.
6. Quarry House Tavern, Silver Spring, MD: Tied for top StentBurger with…
7. Black & Orange, Washington, DC: It’s a chain but damn. Definitely top 
StentFries. Just sayin.
8. King Garden, Wilmington, DE: Tasty and timely egg rolls just steps from 
1984…delicious AND convenient!
9. Philly taco truck: Korean Pork Tacos (Thanks, Scovilles!)
10. La Gringa TaqueriaBushwick, NY: Stumbled onto this one. Mmmm.
11. Aramingo Diner, Philly, PA: Thanks Dave Reis/Improbables for the suggestion. We ate like kings.
12. We can’t have a list without mentioning our favorite standbys: The Towson Diner and well, Waffle House for being there at the right time, all the time.

Most of all we would like to acknowledge the BEST MEALS EVER from our
StentMom North (Pat’s Mom) and StentMom South (Scott’s Mom). We can’t thank you enough.

Finally, we’d like to thank our fans all over the globe (Sweden! Portugal! Cleveland!) and especially our families for letting us act like teenagers every so often. THANK YOU. See you in 2014.

—The Stents 


Merch? M-E-R-C-H!

Get it! All NEW Stent T-shirts and buttons are available now from either The Stents Merch Store OR check out their Bandcamp page. NOTE: Domestic orders placed before DEC 16 will get to you by DEC. 24. After that, perhaps you should consider a nice New Year’s gift.


Atlanta + Athens / Nov 22 + 23


Thanks everyone who came out in droves last Saturday for Anti-Death Fest! Paul and Kate were awesome hosts and the show featured a killer line up. Apologies to everyone in the crowd we may have hit with our instruments.

NEXT: The biggest thing to hit Stent HQ all year: The Stents will be making their first trip way down south to Georgia! November 22 you can catch us in Athens, GA at Hendershot’s with The Stymms (w Scott’s lil bro Chris on bass!) and the very next day (Nov 23) we’ll be in Atlanta at 529 EAV with fellow Hidden Volume stars The Delusionaires and The Kings of the F**King Sea (Chet from The Qudrajets/Poni from The Ettes). This promises to be a 1-2 punch of rock and roll the south hasn’t seen since Sherman burned Atlanta to the ground. No hard feelings.

Rumor also has it NEW Stents T-shirts and other swag will be coming with us…you were warned.

OUR LABEL: Speaking of Hidden Volume, be sure to check them out over at hiddenvolume.com and you can find links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and nearly everything else. Not only can you get sweet Stents merch there, you can also find out about upcoming Hi-Vo recording stars like The Delusionaires, Ar-Kaics, Belltowers and more.

IN THE WINGS: We’re takin’ December off to reload but 2014 will be on deck soon. We’re hitting the studio for our first full length platter AND lots of dates at a dive near you!  

See you down South, kids!


The Home Stretch

LAST SAT (11/2): Quarry House Tavern in Silver Spring, MD was amazing. Great fun with The Whiskey Daredevils. We Stents stuffed our faces with burgers and beer, played some rock and roll, met some great people and again, stuffed our faces. Thanks to Tom and Louie for havin’ us. Always a good time.

NEXT: We’re hitting The Sidebar in Baltimore for our LAST CHARM CITY SHOW of 2013! It’s a short but sweet set, 8:55pm Saturday, November 9. The show is a real killer with some very fine bands donating their music to a great cause. $10 donation at the door and there will be door prizes. Catch us while you can!

And all of you in the great state of Georgia GET READY: The Stents very first southern swing is happening: November 22 Athens (Hendershot’s) w/ Etienne DeRocher Band and November 23 Atlanta (529 EAV) w/The The Kings of the F**King Sea (ex-Quadrajets and current Ette) and fellow HIdden Volume Records band, The Delusionaires! Don’t miss it!


Pass the Whiskey


Another show for the books in October: We were all blown away by the great turnout on a Monday Night at the Ottobar Upstairs here in Charm City. Thanks to everyone who made it out for our special early show! We got to try out another version of our Vetas Sound (heavy reverb, acoustic guitar, etc.) and we think it worked out nicely. Even when we all jumped up on the pool table. 

Anyhow, we hope everyone enjoyed John Paul Keith & The One Four Fives as much as we did. Do yourself a favor and pick up his new LP “Memphis Circa 3AM” —you will not be disappointed. 

NEXT: We kick off a pile of shows in November with a date in Silver Spring, MD with Cleveland’s very own purveyors of cowpunk, The Whiskey Daredevils (ex-Cowslingers)! Come on out to the Quarry House Tavern, November 2, FREE show and some of the best brews and grub around. And you know we Stents love brews and grub.

UPCOMING (final shows of 2013!)

Nov 9 / Baltimore / Sidebar Tavern Anti-Death Fest Benefit 

Nov 22 / Athens, GA / Hendershots w/ Etienne DeRocher Band

Nov 23 / Atlanta, GA / 529 EAV / w/The Delusionaires + Kings of the F*cking Sea



Man! What an awesome weekend in CT and NY! Much fun to be had on Friday at Paper Box in Bushwick with Lunar Orbits, Party Lights and Quitty and The Donts. Killer bands that we recommend to anyone, anytime. Thanks to Tony Lo-Fi and Anna Anabolic (One Chord Progression) for putting this together. Saturday was amazing as well with a double shot of Stents. Hats off to our boy Vetas of Las Vetas Lounge for hosting our first ever “low volume” show in the afternoon and the Brown clan for bringing the crowd. Rumor has it that some tasty audio might come out of this. Stay tuned.

AND lest we forget, a wild night at Two Boots in Bridgeport with our buds, The Zambonis. It was a double set onslaught that finished off with (most likely) embarrassing versions of “Rock n Roll”, “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Best Friend’s Girlfriend” that went on way past their expiration dates. In other words, it was epic! 

NEXT UP: A very special performance in Baltimore at the Ottobar Upstairs on Monday, OCT 21. We start at 7PM and will be opening for the incredible John Paul Keith. If you haven’t heard this feller before, go out and get his third long player Memphis Circa 3AM—you won’t be disappointed. This EARLY SHOW kicks off at 7pm and will be over by 9PM so if you haven’t caught us because “we go on too late”—this is your chance! Don’t miss it, kids! $5.


Brooklyn, Connecticut and…Connecticut

GREAT show last night at Stage on Herr! Wow. Harrisburg on a Thursday night with The Woggles…who could ask for more? Big thanks to Mike and John from Stage on Herr, The Woggles and EVERYONE who made it out to the show. 

NEXT we’ll be doing a couple of Northeast dates. First we’ll be hitting The Paperbox in Brooklyn on Oct 11th for an epic show with Quitty and The Don’ts, Lunar Orbits and Party LIghts. This one is being put on by our friends over at One Chord Progression so you know it will be a kicker. 

The next day Oct 12th we’re doing a special low volume show (we’re calling it that ‘cause unplugged just doesn’t cut it) at Las Vetas Lounge in Fairfield, CT. It’s scheduled for sometime in the afternoon and promises to be a wild one. We’ll be releasing more details soon. If that wasn’t enough…later that night we’re playing Two Boots in Bridgeport, CT with our buddies The Zambonis! And anyone who has seen us and them together knows it’s a knock out blow of puck and roll! 

And one more for October: Keep your eyes peeled for a special EARLY show at the Ottobar Upstairs with the crazy good John Paul Keith. Oct 21st / 7PM. 

That’s all for now. As always, keep your feet on the ground but keep reaching for a cold beer. 


Garage, rock, chicken nachos.

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